Cash Rebate Highest monthly 1.2% unlimited cashback

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Cash Rebate

Highest monthly 1.2% unlimited cashback


"Tuhaoclub entertainment city", as long as the success of the Company's registered members of recharge, bet your favorite casino games from betting RM1 + rebate promotions to enjoy the game, up 1.0%, no limit, so to force the activity, you are still so what? Value feedback, caring service, the credibility of the best, to create entertainment feast. Tuhaoclub Casino awaits you! Rebate Rate


Month effective sports betting rebate, rebate, live casino rebate, slot rebate,

 SportbookLive CasinoSlots
Above 100k0.5%0.6%0.8%
Above 500k0.75%0.70%1.0%
Above 1m1.0%0.8%1.2%

Unlimited cashback
Rebate will be transfer to member on 1st and 15th of every month at 2pm.
*Member can withdraw after rebate


  1. Member can not use multiple accounts to participate, where same IP address (such as IP address where same set of 3), same name, same bank account, same contact will be treated as same account
  2. Whether individuals or groups, if a breach of any provision in this event, Tuhaoclub reserved cancel the eligibility of activities, dividends and profit recovery activities, and the freezing of the rights of membership accounts.
  3. In order to ensure the interests of both parties, to prevent identity theft behavior, Tuhaoclub Casino require members to provide us with sufficient documentation to verify identity and qualification of member.
  4. In all entertainment betting, all opposite betting will not be counted.
  5. Live video, roulette, bet number more than two thirds of all are not counted as valid bets. Converted into digital numbers 24, 24 in any count as valid bets: above 25 will count as void bets. Example: bet "big" + "double" the total number of 27 have been bet, this will not counted as valid bets.
  6. Tuhaoclub reserve the final interpretation of events, changes, termination rights to all promotion.
  7. Final interpretation of this event all vested rights

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