Why Buying or Selling Used Cars Online is the Better Alternative

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Buying or selling a car may be a daunting experience for some, especially if it is their first time visiting and dealing with different dealerships.

Thanks to the boom of digital platforms, the process of owning or selling a used car can now be a seamless affair. Today’s consumer expectations are that they want minimal effort to make a transaction without compromising the product and service qualities.

The question now is: can online platforms deliver the same convenience and service quality when it comes to buying or selling a used car?

Here are five advantages that you can benefit from whesn using online platforms to aid you in your car buying or selling journey.

When Buying a Car

Expect…A Hassle-free Process 

When it comes to purchasing a used car, there is no running away from all the processes required through the tedious traditional route.

This is because for buyers, they will need to visit several dealerships to find the right car that matches their needs and budget; but if this process was done through an online platform, it could save them a lot of time and energy. Imagine the convenience of searching for your dream car, viewing its details, and arranging for a test-drive – all from the convenience of your smart device, anywhere you are.

Assuming you have found your dream ride and want to make it official, there is a mountain of paperwork that awaits, for the bank, the dealership and also Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ), to ensure proper documentation and ownership transfer. Some dealerships may offer their runner and documentation handling service for buyers to help save time, but this often comes with an undisclosed fee.

On the other hand, buying a car through an online platform is easier because all your paperwork will be handled – you can even have your car delivered straight to your doorstep.

Expect…Thorough Vehicle Inspection

According to official requirements, every vehicle must undergo a thorough vehicle inspection before buying or selling. For instance, Carsome provides an extensive 175-point vehicle inspection service, a 360-degree internal and external viewing feature and the full inspection and reconditioning report, to give buyers the peace of mind that they are bringing home quality used cars at a reasonable price point.

Expect…Supportive After-sales Service

Today, every paying customer demands good after-sales service to ensure that their purchase is warranted against problems. This might be a challenge with car dealerships, as we know they deal with fast transactions and may not have the necessary resources to support the minor details associated with post-transaction. Additionally, if something feels wrong with the used car you bought or if you changed your mind about it, you might not get your money back from the dealership. It is advisable to search for a platform that offers a return promise or reputable after-sales service, such as a one-year warranty for coverage.

When Selling a Car

Expect…A Seamless Experience

There’s no escape from paperwork even if you’re selling your car but selling it to an online platform may change your experience forever, because platforms such as Carsome handles all the paperwork and may even get you paid within an hour. Talk about convenience and being hassle-free!

Expect…To Get the Best Price for Your Car

Even for someone with the know-how and experience in selling a car, negotiating for the best price is one of the hardest parts when closing a deal. Many factors could affect your selling price, including your interaction with the buyer, as well as visible flaws or defects on the selected used car.

To ensure that you get the best deal, some online platforms provide consumers with a free and thorough inspection where trained professionals will conduct a thorough check before letting you know the market value of your car. Alternatively, you can even put your car up for live bidding and may get up to 20 per cent* more than market value.


In Conclusion: Complete Peace of Mind

We hope that after reading through all these reasons, you can set the right expectations when searching for a platform to help with your car buying or selling journey.

It is ideal if the platform can offer you an end-to-end service to make the entire process a hassle-free experience, which can cover these services as well:

For car-buying:

a. 175-point inspection - to ensure the car of your choice is well checked

b. Handling of paperwork - saves you the time in preparing the required documents

c. Total transparency - so you know what you are paying for the car you purchased with no hidden charges

d. 1-year warranty and 5-day money-back guarantee

For car-selling:

a. Free car inspection - to determine the value of your car

b. Handling of paperwork – saves you the time in preparing the required documents

c. Fast payment – lets you get paid in one hour*

d. Total transparency – so you know what you are getting for selling your car

If you’re looking for complete peace of mind while buying or selling a used car, look no further, check out Carsome and kick start your hassle-free car buying or selling journey.

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==This article was inspired by 5 Reasons Malaysians Are Over Traditional Used Car Selling & Car Buying on Carsome.my.==


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