[2022 NEW UPDATE] What is RTTP Programme? How to apply? Who can apply?

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What are RTTP Programmes?


Hey Guys! I believe some of you may have heard about the RTTP Programmes before, it refers to Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme, which is a funding scheme under the Innovation and Technology Fund, proposed by the Hong Kong Government. The funding scheme entitled every resident in Hong Kong to apply for a subsidy when they are taking technology-related training courses, on a 2:1 matching basis. (It means up to 50% of the tuition fee can be refunded!)


Why should I take RTTP programmes & Who should take them?

RTTP programmes included a range of valuable courses to help applicants to equip themselves and increase their competitiveness by understanding the techniques they will need and things they will need to know in their industry. For example, some authorities will offer big data training and data analytics programme. It helps people who want to get involved in the industry of Fintech or Banks. 

So, if you are suffering from below issues, you may think about taking a course from the RTTP programmes list:

  1. Feeling bored or lost passion in your current position

  2. Want to have new challenges or changes in the future

  3. Want to have a higher income or better choices of career

  4. Want to enhance your skills and knowledge 

  5. Want to know more about different industry

Actually, the RTTP programmes are not only for the Fintech industry. As a RTTP applicant (Yes, I am), I have been taking a course of digital marketing, which provide a bootcamp-style training of digital marketing - like how to build your online e-shop, how to manage it through different CMS, how to make beautiful designs to attract people…more and more. Therefore, the ultimate goal of the RTTP programme is not just for the Financial industry but also everything related to Technology and Internet. You may discover your interested programme on the list!

What will happen if I take the RTTP programme? 

If you are considering it, I will recommend you to join it. Because it can really benefit your career path. For my own experience, I have taken 2 RTTP programmes before (including the current one) and I found that they are usually much more expensive without the subsidy, which means most of them are high quality and you will seldom consider them daily. (Indeed, sometimes we cannot use its price to determine its quality.) However, it is much more worthy if we can have a subsidy, isn’t?

Moreover, many of them are offered from trusted organisations (at least I think the RTTP can be regarded as a kind of approval from the government) like the HKU executive education school, those higher education colleges, etc. They are usually receiving high recognition and acceptance so that you could obtain a higher competitiveness than others.

If you are planning to start your business or even already having your first company, you may want to have a startup training for better management. As the saying goes ‘To maintain a business is much more difficult than to start a business’, you may face plenty of challenges on the journey of running your business. Therefore, taking courses of human resources / corporate management from RTTP programmes will be the best choice at the moment.

Any recommendations for RTTP Programmes?

There are many options for you to select your course, but if you ask where to find high quality training courses with affordable prices, I will definitely recommend you to visit the HKU executive education page. HKU is the top 1 university in Hong Kong, and the #23 university in the world, they are holding number of experts from different fields like Finance, Technology and marketing. They are also providing bilingual courses in both Hong Kong and the Mainland China. If you are a woman leader, do not miss the chance to their ‘woman leadership programme’. They are one of the institutions that offer this kind of programme (but I’m not sure if that is also included in the RTTP list, you may check it again.)


RTTP is a subsidy scheme that offer 50% subsidy to a list of training programmes, applicants can get a high recognition certificate upon their completion of the courses.

Our government encourage us to improve our skills by introducing this subsidy programme, we will discuss how to apply and its more detail in next post. Don’t miss it!


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