Honda is offering restoration parts for the discontinued sports car Beat!

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Home Car News This policy is too kind! Honda is offering restoration parts for the discontinued sports car Beat! The Honda BeAT 2023, a car that was born between 1991 and 1998 when production was finished, may be rare in Taiwan, but it is a classic that has been praised in Japan and many other countries. The two-seater convertible, MR rear mid-engine, rear-wheel drive K-Car with a mere 656cc displacement and 760kg weight was not only a rare set-up in the car world, but was also the last car to be approved by Honda founder Soichiro Honda during his lifetime, and was also a Pininfarina design that has become a landmark in automotive history.

However, despite the fact that the Honda Beat has already been followed by the S660, which is no less impressive in terms of looks and performance, and that the S1000 will soon be launched as a global strategy model at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, the Beat is still a classic that cannot be erased. In order to keep the bike alive, Honda has re-launched parts production and is once again selling genuine parts to keep the Beat on the road.

One is the wheel assembly, which has everything from screws to spare tyres, but it's not clear what the tyres are for. On the other hand, it is quite surprising that the seatbelt assembly is being offered as a replacement part, probably because of safety concerns. After all, if it's been 26 years since the first batch of Beats, even the unlikely seatbelt parts can't stand up to time. This is why this repair kit is not only extremely important, but is likely to be adapted to current standards.

The heater blower, which is an air-conditioning component, is also a key part of the pile, as no one wants to drive a car with the air conditioning so dull in the current climate. The above components have been on sale since 30 June 2017 according to the production schedule, and a few of them were added on 23 August, but it will still take some time to complete all four of them. But let's just say that Japanese players are lucky, as these components will be available to order at Honda shows throughout Japan in the future, but there are no plans for overseas markets at this time.


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