Steve Job died because of all fruit diet

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Fruit juice whether manufactured or prepare fresh at home contains fructose. The problem is fructose from fruits cannot be metabolized by our body. It goes straight into the liver, stays there and in subsequent years when it exceeded a certain point it creates health problem especially fatty liver and pancreatic cancer.

Eating fresh fruits are better than drinking fruit juices. The question is how much fruits to take daily? According to Dr. Mercola 2 portion of fruits daily is ideal. More could be harmful. If you are taking a slice of papaya and a slice of pineapple, that is 2 portion.

Not much is known about the danger of eating too much fruits until Steve Job died of pancreatic cancer in October 2011. Why such a health conscious man as Steve Job, who is a vegetarian at age 26, so rich and advised by all the health experts on diet died so young at age 56. The main reason is he was on an all fruits diet for 3 years. This 3 years of all fruits diet is enough to kill him. With all the nutritionists at that time advising him it only shows how much the world or you and me really knows about the danger of fructose. To confirm the danger of fructose, the actor who acted as JOB in the movie also went on an all fruit diet and had pancreatic problem until the shooting of the movie was delayed. 

Since the death of Steve Job more research and articles are written about fruits and fructose.

Coconut water contains 32% fructose and Honey is 50% fructose.

If one is very health conscious on many portion of fruits daily, drinking coconut water and honey at the same time thinking that they are all healthy food, you should read more about fructose.

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