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What Is A Pro Creator?

When a MOpress Creator is upgraded, they will have a special title called PRO Creator. What kind of privileges they can get? First of all, they pay rates range higher per article and you can decide the price of your article for people to choose and accept! So start create your career through content creation here!

How To Become A PRO CREATOR?

As long as you have professional writing experience in a specific sector, you can submit your sample works. After being authenticated and approved by our internal editors, you will be then qualified as a PRO Creator. To distinguish you from average Creators, we will put a “professional badge ” on your account avatar.

If you think you are a professional writer in a specific field (such as medicine, economy, legal, real estate, finance, political news, personal interviews etc), you can apply as our PRO Creator from the website backend after your registration as a Creator! Then just wait for our assessment. Once pass, then welcome onboard the world of PRO Creator! 

Do you aspire to become a PRO Creator? The procedure is simple as long as you register as a Creator first and then follow the steps below!

  1. To begin, go to the “Dashboard” interface of the website backend, and click on the avatar on the top right.

  2. After that, select “Mojo Pro Application”.

  3. Then it will come to a new interface.

  4. You can place your Linkedin link wherever you choose, we do not make a rigid rule.

  5. However, you must upload your resume or work.

  6. Then, press the “Submit Changes” button!

  7. After passing the review, you are now our PRO Creator!

The Video Tutorial Below Will Walk You Through Each Step More Clearly !

[ Creator’s Welfare ] 

Creator VS PRO CreatorCreator VS PRO Creator

[ How Can A Creator Be Directly Elevated To A PRO Creator? ]

Besides, you will aslo be automatically upgraded to PRO Cretaor after assessment based on the following criteria:

  1. Quality of Content

  2. Discipline

  3. Punctuality of Work Delivery

  4. Knowledge/Expertise

  5. Working Experience/Educational Background

[ How To Increase Your Income? ]

  1. Follow TANTANNEWS Facebook Fan Page

Turn on the bell icon and follow the official Facebook page of TANTANNEWS. Then share your article published on TANTANNEWS Facebook page to your Facebook personal account or fan page. Your article will be widely read and shared. Therefore, it will gain more pageviews that bring you more income or CPM (Cost per Mille)!

*Due to the limited number of posts on TANTANNEWS Facebook page, TANTANNEWS selects only high-quality and popular articles that are worth to share.

  1. Participate In Competitions Held By TANTANNEWS

TANTANNEWS believes that those who do more work should get more rewards. Therefore, the administrators will host various activities or competitions including Best Creator Awards for every Creator to take part. This is to encourage everyone to write more good articles.

  1. Share Your Articles On Social Media

Every content creator is responsible for promoting his/her work to a wider audience. It is suggested that you share your work to your own social media accounts or any other Facebook groups, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat Moments and so. As a result, your work will get more exposure that can maximize your earning if your are hardworking enough!

*Remember not to share too much, since this may cause readers to hide or block postings that are offensive.

[ How To Withdraw Money? ]

All Creators have to provide their banking details for us to deposit earnings to them. The minimum withdrawal is RM100.

Process of Withdrawal:

  1. Creators can apply for payout withdrawal on every 14th and 30th/31st of each month. After submitting your application, you will get the earnings within few days.

  2. Firts, you must fill out your bank account information.

  3. To minimize any losses due to transfer errors, all creators must confirm that the bank information is correct.

  4. All creators must fill in their real names and phone numbers (your information will not be exposed).

  5. MOpress will not absorb SST and transaction fees from all local banks.

[ CPM ]

  • CPM (Cost per Mille/Cost per 1000 Impressions) refers to the remuneration of 1000 pageviews, e.g: if the CPM you are entitled = RM2, that means it equals to RM0.002 everytime your article has reached 1000 pageviews.

  • When an article on website has been read at least 50%, then it is considered as 1 pageview.

【 About Penalty 】

We cherish each content creator’s creativity, but there are still some guidelines that must be followed in order for our platform to remain a healthy ecosystem.  The content creators will be blacklisted once they break the following policies -

  • If content creators accept the mission but fail to submit the article by the deadline, they will be blacklisted for 3 time violations. They won’t be able to accept missions or submit articles once they have been blacklisted. They may be removed from the blacklist if they do not repeat the offense within 1 week.

  • Plagiarism. Our platform encourages original content. Once an article is found to be plagiarized rather than rewritten or synthesized, it is not considered as fully original and won't be used. If plagiarism happens too frequently, the creator will be forever banned.

  • Articles submitted are too brief, incoherent, illogical, found misspelled or contain too much of typos, grammatical errors etc.

  • The content is not verifiable and contains inaccuracies. Our platform is not responsible for the article and the creator must be accountable for it.

  • For our e-commerce affiliate program, if an article published on our website uses a product page link that does not belong to our own online store, but an external link, we will subtract RM100 from the creator’s remuneration once found.

  • If there is no response to the request for amendment on manuscript or the submission deadline has passed, the creator will be blacklisted for up to 1 week.

【 About Inactive Accounts 】

If the creator has not published an article more than 3 months and the account has no view during that period, he/she will be considered inactive, and the balance of their earning will be frozen for three months time until the account regains active again.

【 Pay Rates For Each Category 】

PRO Creator pay rate is as below -

  • Every Subject : 30-450 Credits (you can decide the price depends on how skillful it needs to write) 

  • 2 CPM (Cost per Mille/Cost per 1000 Pageviews)

*1 Credit = RM1

So, what are you waiting for? Join us now!

Tell your stories and build your reader base here with MOpress!

How To Create Story At MOpress Backend To Start Earn Money!

6 Reasons To Become Creator

Unity Is Strength

On MOpress that gathers thousands of like-minded Creators, you can exchange your ideas, thoughts and experiences with one another. This will build a community that is passionate for exploring new things thus creating a platform that aggregates interesting and sharable content!

Good Articles Are Worth Sharing

Good articles should be widely shared! You can get more eyeballs for your articles on our high-traffic platforms! Also, if you share it on your own, you will earn even more money from high pageviews through your initiative?!

Write Anytime, Anywhere

Creativity is always limitless. Creators can express their thoughts and creative minds through writing for MOpress regardless of time and place they are at! 

Pay On Time

All your effort will be paid off on time since MOpress will bank in earnings to Creators every month punctually.   

Creativity Is Invaluable

Do you know that MOpress allows different publishers to buy your content so you can multiply your earnings? There is no other platform like MOpress that maximizes your income!

Special Missions Offered From Time To Time 

Benefit yourself through accepting missions on MOpress from time to time. Creators will be able to earn even more income if you are willing to take the initiative to spread it wide.

Attractive PRIVILEGES await every talent who has a flair of writing! So upgrade today if you think you are creative and productive! 

[ FAQ ]

What is misson?

Mission means a task to write the manuscript that the media platform requests. You can choose to accept the task to earn the manuscript fee and pageview price specified in the task. This ensures that the manuscript you create will be paid for by the media platform.

What should I do if I don’t see the mission that I’m interested in?

Don’t worry, in addition to allowing Creators to take over the tasks on MOpress, you can also sell your own contributions on the Content Marketplace! You may also make the manuscript a one-time or multiple-buy purchase (you can publish your manuscript on the multimedia platform).

How does MOpress calculate the payout?

Payout are divided into four categories:

1. Task Mode (Pay set by media platform/publisher)
  • A - Based on the media platform’s pay rate and the pageview subsidy.
2. Submission Mode (Creator can set reasonable fees by themself)

  • A - Free
  1. Mopress provides a free-sharing platform. Manuscripts that have been set to “free” can be forwarded and published on the media platform without charge.
  • B - One-Time Purchase
  1. Also known as exclusive articles, setting relevant manuscripts is limited to one media platform, which is a buyout kind.
  • C - Multiple Purchases (Performance)
  1. The manuscript is available for purchase on all media platforms, and there is no limit to the number of purchases.

How to get the payout?

The payment will be deposited on the 16th and 1st of every month. You can withdraw your payout once it has reached RM100.

How to set a price for my article?

The content value of each content creator is different, so the content creator can decide the price of the piece for both one-time and multiple purchases. Of course, if the price is too high, the media platform has the option of purchasing or not purchasing.

How to increase pageviews?

After the article is published, you can share it to your respective channels (Facebook page, Facebook group, WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, Wechat, Weibo, LinkedIn, forum etc)

What is MOpress?

MOpress is a content sharing platform, the main promotion allows Creators to create content anytime, anywhere and earn money by sharing it.


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