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About Us

Our Story

We began as a small local digital publisher leveraging social media eight years ago. Growing internally from a 2-man team working day and night until we’re now at over forty members to date. Currently, we’ve grown from the media publishing industry to a full fledged technology company. We develop in-house solutions that we then use as an enterprise solution to serve even the smallest boutique brands to the largest brands in southeast asia.

Our Philosophy

Solving real industry problems begins from solving our own problems.

- MOPress

Our Improvement

Data Management
User Interaction

Our Mantra

Empowering Content Creativity 脉搏 | MOPress

Our Technology



By combining advancements in code, we’ve create a new way to display stories via the pagination method. We’ve named it Interactive Content. We understand the behaviour of most of the readers on the internet nowadays, where they no longer have long periods of time to spend on an article. Our goal is to make content shorter, more attractive, informative and fun to read.

Real Time Analytic &Advanced Reporting

Knowing how your story performs in the technological era has changed totally. In the old days, measuring your performance was something exclusive where only the wealthiest media companies could afford. Today we want to make this technology available to everyone. Know you story, know your audience!

Social Media Integration

We understand that social media is one of the key traffic generator for most digital media brands today. We’re not only working hard on the integration of our platform with a single social media platform. We’re aiming to integrate our platform with the largest social media platforms from the west to the east.

99% uptime guarantee

As a digital media owner, I’m sure having a great weekend with no server errors and problems is a wish come true for every technical team. With MOPress, let us handle the technical & security side of things for your site! By using https and http2, we’re very clear on what we’re doing.

Content Marketplace

A marketplace where we allow publishers to request content from MOJOs that are registered on our platform. Commissions will be calculated based on an advanced algorithm to determine the MOJOs level and performance.

Freelance Journalist

A feature that allows publishers to create their own network of freelance journalists. It allows an editor to request, monitor, and review the content created. It also provides you with a performance report from every single journalist.


Are you still displaying your content the old way? Let us introduce to you Interactive Content by MOPress, created for the future of digital publishing. While most technology providers focus on the back end of things, we’re focusing on delivering a greater experience to readers on mobile.

You create the text, we’ll make it interactive.

Be part of it!


Mobile Journalist

Gone are the days that a journalist has to be on-site, pen and paper in hand to write a story.

The creation of smartphones has given rise to the field of Mobile Journalism - a field where aspiring Mobile Journalists or MOJOs are able to create written material instantly with a wide arsenal of tools.

If you’re an editor, writer or blogger in any media & publishing company (or aspiring to be one!), why not join the MOJO family and embark on your journey to become the next star of Mobile Journalism? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to influence your followers-to-be with what you are good at.

Start by creating a story your followers will like. Make sure it makes sense for digital publishers to publish your story on their platform so nothing overly crazy or creative… yet.

Create interesting stories on your feed and make them available for purchase. Feature your work on the publishers’ platform, creating a win-win scenario for both.

Sell custom stories starting from USD10 up to USD600 from a single request.

Easy to use composer

Personal real time analytics

Advance Performance report

Content marketplace

Campaign manager

Monetary reporting

Our Price

  • Starter

    • Free standard design theme
    • Reserved MOPress advertisement
    • User friendly advanced text editor
    • Search engine optimization (SEO) friendly
    • Facebook Instant article
    • Web & Mobile friendly
    • Free Subdomain (xxx.mopress.io)
    • 99% uptime guarantee
  • Basic

    • All feature in Starter Package
    • Removed MOPress Advertisement
    • Limited template selection
    • Interactive Content
    • Optimised CMS designed focus on content creation and engagement
    • Integrated social share features
    • Basic site report
    • Customer support
  • Gold

    • All feature in Basic Package
    • Freelance journalist platform
    • Content creator marketplace & monetization
    • Gamification point system with user leveling
    • Single article analytic
    • Single author analytic
    • Single reader analytic
    • All template selection
  • Platinum

    • All feature in Gold Package
    • MOPress real time analytics
    • Advertising targeting platform
    • Native ads function
    • Premium brand access
    • View & export registered user details
    • Broadcast email to users
    • Offline copy of stories

Contact Us

If you have better idea in collaboration or idea to improve our solution please don't mind to drop us an email. Our team will get back to you as soon.

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MOPress (Penang)
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