Who is Kpop Singer visual female?

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In K-pop, the term "visual" refers to the group member who is regarded as the most physically appealing or visually striking. 

It is a subjective classification that is frequently used as part of a member's role in promoting the group's image.

The title "Korea's visual female" can change depending on individual preferences and singstar kpop business trends. 

Different idols and artists may be admired for their beauty, and opinions can shift over time.

Some female idols  that have been widely recognized for their visuals are:

Tzuyu (TWICE): 

Tzuyu is well-known for her outstanding images and has grown in popularity due to her beauty. (Wikipedia)

Irene (Red Velvet): 

Irene is known for her graceful and ethereal beauty, giving her the title of a visual in Red Velvet.


Jisoo is known for her visual appeal and has received appreciation for her classic beauty.

Nancy (MOMOLAND): 

Nancy has been recognized for her visuals and her remarkable beauty.

It is important to remember that views of beauty and the term "visual" are subjective, and opinions may differ among enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the solo queen of Kpop industry is dynamic, and new stars may have emerged. 

To stay current on trends and topics, look into recent sources within the K-pop community.


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