5 Aspects of SD-WAN Solutions You Never Knew You Were Overlooking

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The Hidden Layers of SD-WAN

SD-WAN solutions are more than a simple buzzword—they're revolutionizing the way enterprises operate and manage their networks. However, like a painter's canvas, the true artistry of SD-WAN lies beneath the surface layers. Whether you're an IT aficionado or an enterprise decision-maker, the following aspects of SD-WAN deserve your attention.

Is SD-WAN Always Cloud-Friendly?

When you hear "SD-WAN," you might immediately think "cloud integration." But compatibility between your cloud architecture and your chosen SD-WAN solution isn't always guaranteed. Some solutions may not easily integrate with cloud services, leading to performance bottlenecks or sub-optimal network pathways.

QoS: More Than Speed and Bandwidth

Quality of Service (QoS) isn't just about how fast your connection is or how much bandwidth you have. The lesser-discussed metrics like latency and jitter also play a crucial role. Addressing these often-ignored facets can drastically improve the overall performance of your sd wan solutions.

Local Breakouts: The Underutilized Benefit

Local breakouts allow for direct, expedited data routing to and from local internet resources. This feature is often underutilized, mainly because it's not well understood. By leveraging local breakouts, you can significantly reduce data transit times and alleviate network congestion.

Vendor Lock-In: A Two-Edged Sword

Choosing an SD-WAN solution often comes with a long-term commitment to a specific vendor. While these partnerships can offer valuable specialized services, they can also lead to vendor lock-in, making it costly to switch services down the line. Always consider the long-term implications of your choice.

The Unresolved Challenge of Security in Segmentation

SD-WAN does provide a more streamlined approach to network segmentation, but this doesn't automatically resolve all security concerns. Intruders who gain access to one segment can potentially compromise others if proper security protocols are not in place.

Readjusting Your SD-WAN Lens

The complexities of SD-WAN solutions go far beyond the advertised benefits. By understanding these under-the-radar aspects, you're better equipped to make informed decisions that serve your long-term interests and operational needs.


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