Kawasaki Ninja 400 2022 model debuts in Thailand

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The 2022 model of the Kawasaki Ninja 400, was officially launched at the 2020 Thailand Auto Show in Bangkok a few days ago and so Kawasaki Motor Indonesia, adds several new colors to the 2021 model, including Pearl Blizzard White and Metallic Spark Black, which are more youthful than several versions of the current model.

The 2022 model year Ninja 400 is available in black, green, blue and gray, adding to the various color versions previously available and giving the Thai Ninja 400 a whopping 15 color options. The new blue model will only be available on the SE (ABS) model, and the Ninja 400 2021 model will be priced in Thailand at 210,400 baht (46,400 yuan) for the standard version and 216,200 baht (47,600 yuan) for the SE version.

As for the configuration, the 2021 Ninja 400 is equipped with, 310mm front and 220mm rear discs, dual-channel ABS anti-lock system, as well as assisted and slipping clutches; a full LED lighting system, a combined instrument cluster, 12V USB charging socket, etc.

As for the engine, it is still the same, 399cc displacement water-cooled engine with maximum horsepower 44.8Ps/10,000rpm and maximum torque 38Nm/8,000rpm; equipped with traditional 6-speed gearbox, 168kg weight, 140mm minimum ground clearance, 785mm seat height, 14L fuel tank capacity, overall the Ninja 400 is still the small sports car that is selling like hotcakes.

The domestic Ninja 400 update speed is far less than the foreign version, the current domestic Ninja 400 for sale only has two colors to choose from, the most critical is the order queue so that people can not help, there are cars on the line color is not too much of a luxury.


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