Qooder four-wheeled scooter that Holds many untold secret

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Qooder a Swiss four-wheeled scooter, is the only vehicle in the world that uses four wheels with simultaneous side tilt technology. Qooder was founded in 2010 as "Quadro Vehicles" and is based in Vacallo, Switzerland. Quadro Vehicles" was renamed "Qooder" in 2019. The company has a subsidiary in the United States.

Qooder is the world's only scooter with four-wheel side-dive technology, with a distinctive design concept that combines the agility of a motorcycle and the safety of a car with four wheels at the front and rear. There are many hidden secrets. Next, I will explore them with you.

The bike is powered by a 400cc four-stroke water-cooled single-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 32.5hp.

The HTS (Hydraulic Tilt System) dual suspension configuration ensures that all four wheels are tilted sideways at the same time, with a maximum tilt of up to 45, while maintaining perfect grip and driving stability and comfort. At slow speeds, the tilt mechanism can also be locked by the handle to keep the body upright when riding.

Four large-diameter brake discs at the front and rear constitute a combined braking method, with higher braking force and effect than traditional two-wheeled motorcycles. The engine power is transmitted to the 2 rear wheels through 2 belts on the rear axle, which greatly reduces the phenomenon of tire slippage because the 2 rear wheels are driven at the same time.

The fuel tank capacity is 14 liters, and the comprehensive average fuel consumption is 5.3L/100Km, with a range of 300+km.

There are 2 charging sockets, one of which is a USB socket, located in the cockpit, and the other is a 12V cigarette light type charging socket, placed in the "toilet" under the seat.

The factory provides customers with up to 800 different combinations of "customization" services, including seat materials, tire brands and other accessories, as well as body color, can be customized. The XQooder is its off-road version and will be available soon. The Qooder is priced at 9,999 Euros, or about 78,000 RMB. It includes many performance packages such as four Michelin winter tires, a 47-liter GIVI trunk with mounting brackets, a car cover and a red HTS (Hydraulic Tilt System) locking handle composition.


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