Pharita from Baby Monsters: Rising Star Amid BLACKPINK's Uncertain Future

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In K-pop, uncertainties often loom over popular groups and their members. BLACKPINK, the globally beloved girl group, has recently faced a crossroads with the expiration of its exclusive contract with YG Entertainment

While the future of BLACKPINK remains up in the air, the focus is shifting toward Baby Monsters, a rising girl group under the YG Entertainment umbrella. 

Among them, a Thai gem named Pharita is garnering attention for her exceptional talent and captivating presence.

Blackpink's contract situation

BLACKPINK's journey has hit a bit of a bump with the expiration of their exclusive contract with YG Entertainment in August. 

However, there's been no clear word on whether the contract will be renewed or not. Lisa, a crucial member of BLACKPINK, is at the center of discussions due to her impressive market value, estimated at a whopping 100 billion KRW (~74.5 million USD). 

Fans are anxiously waiting for any news about BLACKPINK's future with YG Entertainment.

BABYMONSTER's on the rise

Amidst the uncertainties surrounding BLACKPINK, the spotlight is slowly turning towards Baby Monsters, often referred to as BLACKPINK's sister group. 

This seven-member ensemble, featuring talents from Korea, Thailand, and Japan, is injecting fresh energy into the K-pop scene.

Pharita's journey

Within the vibrant mix of Baby Monsters, Pharita, a 2005-born talent from Thailand, is standing out. 

Her journey to fame began in 2020 when she impressively passed the YG audition, facing stiff competition with a reported ratio of 1226 to 1. 

Known for her exceptional talent and pleasing visuals, Pharita captivates audiences with her youthful charm, fair complexion, flowing hair, and unique vocal abilities.

yg entertainment's recognition

Pharita's talents haven't gone unnoticed within the industry. YG Entertainment's vocal trainer, an expert in the field, has acknowledged her innate talent. Heaping praise on the young starlet, the trainer emphasized Pharita's natural abilities, adding credibility to her burgeoning career.

online communities buzzing

With another talented Thai artist following in the footsteps of BLACKPINK's Lisa, online communities are buzzing with excitement. 

Fans from around the world express their anticipation for Pharita's journey, hoping for a successful career trajectory akin to her predecessor. The prospect of witnessing another Thai talent make waves in the K-pop industry is undoubtedly a source of joy for global fans.

The evolving k-pop landscape

As the future of BLACKPINK remains uncertain, the emergence of Baby Monsters and the spotlight on Pharita signal a new chapter in the world of K-pop. 

Fans eagerly await the unfolding of these promising talents' journeys, and Pharita's rise, in particular, adds an extra layer of excitement to the ever-evolving landscape of Korean pop music.

 The K-pop industry continues to be a dynamic force, and the anticipation surrounding Pharita's future only adds to the intrigue.


BLACKPINK's contract uncertainties, the rise of Baby Monsters and the emergence of Pharita offer a glimpse into the future of K-pop. 

The industry's dynamic nature keeps fans on their toes, and Pharita's journey promises to be a captivating one. Whether BLACKPINK continues their journey or Baby Monsters takes the spotlight, the world of K-pop is set for another exciting chapter.

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